What is Open Law?An initiative providing legal research services and publishing solutions.

What is Open Law?

Open Law is an initiative of BarNet to provide access to and inform the community about our services for access to legal information such as:

and digital solutions for organisations to publish secondary legal material and information such as:

Our Mission

To provide open access to legal information to enhance justice outcomes for all past, present and future generations.

Our Vision

To be the leading legal informatics company that organises and provides the best legal information accessible to all.

Our story

BarNet started in 1997, led by Michael Green SC and a small group of Barristers to provide barristers chambers with technology solutions such as dial-up internet and email.

By 2006, the BarNet team had turned their attention to improving the availability of high quality legal research tools for legal practitioners. JADE was the answer: a not-for-profit project designed by lawyers for lawyers. JADE provides open access to legal information with free tools to make legal research easier.

The paid JADE Professional subscription service offers subscribers additional features which make it easier to find, use, share, and present accurate legal information. Subscriptions to JADE Professional allow us to support the community with free and open access to legal information, and to continuously improve JADE Professional.

Barnet’s subsidiary, Little William Bourke, has been the publisher of the print and digital editions of the Victorian Reports since 2016.

Who is Open Law?

  • Michael Green SC, Director

Editorial, Training, Sales and Marketing

  • Vanessa Nakhl
  • Erica Taylor
  • Sally Cameron
  • Amy Broomfield
  • Garima Dewan
  • Adrian Elston
  • Charles Fryer
  • Isabella Carrozzi

Design, Software and Systems Engineering

  • Nick Reddel
  • Jumail Munddekhat
  • Nick Clark
  • Stephanie Tong
  • Miriam Green